Cooch Behar

One of the historic cities of north east India. The palace of the King a few temples, Rasikbeel, etc. Ruins of the desolate fort named Nalrajar Garh dating to the Gupta Age (4th to 6th century A.D.) in the Chilapata Forest is worth a visit, the dense forest of Chilapata itself is refreshing. To name a few places to visit are Baradebi Bari, Brahmo Mandir, Dangar Ayee Temple, Siddheswari Kali Bari in Coochbehar. Other places of religious tour are Kamteswari Temple in Gosanimari, Madan Mohan Temple in Mathabhanga town, Siddhanath Siva Temple in Dhaluabari, Dham Temple Madhupur, Baneswar Siva Temple in Baneswar and Ardhanariswar Temple are worth a visit. One day excursion from our resort is pleasant and comforting.