Travel Tips

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Things to Carry

It is advisable for the guest to keep the Identity card / Passport or any other photo identity card. Other than the regular medicine please try to keep important travel documents in form of photocopy.

March to September – Comfortable track trousers, pants or jeans, shorts, light t – shirts, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses and caps.

November to February – Warm jacket besides light woolens as a precaution, cap and sunglasses, umbrella during the monsoon months is a wise decision.

Other – Novel, camera and mobile phone – whatever the season!

What You Should Bring Along

  • Well worn walking shoes couple of T-shirts.
  • Fleece jackets, thermals in winter.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Moisturizer / cold cream in winter.
  • Music if you like.
  • Caps and sunglass
  • Camera, if one like to take back memories.

What You Can Expect

  • Leeches during summer & monsoon.
  • Heavy rains during monsoon.
  • Heavy but short shower anytime of the year.
  • Cold in winter months.
  • Warm hospitality.
  • Delicious local food.
  • Breathe taking views.
  • Unique experiences.
  • Interesting hikes & treks.

Do and Don’t in Forest

Violations of any provisions as mentioned below are punishable under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

  • Do not litter plastic, paper, cans, tins, bottles, etc.
  • Keep the area clean and peaceful and keep fire away.
  • Please do not light fires, throw lighted matches, cigarettes, etc.
  • Do not wear bright colors cloth while on jungle visit.
  • Keep sober and avoid generating sound.
  • Entering inside the forest is prohibited without permission.
  • Follow the guide and designated road / path.
  • Please do not tease animals, watch and observe nature silently.
  • Discipline and orderly conduct is solicited from all.
  • Do not remove forest product.